HH KKS: Kavi Karnapura wrote the Sri Gaura-Ganoddesa Dipika – it is basically a book about who is who in Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes because when Lord Chaitanya appeared 500 years ago He was the same Krishna – Vrajendra Nandana Krishna. He was the same Krishna from Vrindavan who had now appeared as Lord Chaitanya but not only that along with Krishna 5,000 years ago came so many associates. Krishna never comes alone. Once one devotee was drawing a picture of Krishna – yellow dhoti , bluish complexion , peacock feather and all and showed the picture to Prabhupada and Prabhupada said that is not Krishna, because Krishna is never alone. There was no cow , no peacock , no devotee , nobody – because Krishna is always engaged in loving pastimes with his devotees. So Krishna in this way, surrounded by his devotees appeared again as Lord Chaitanya. Naturally his devotees also appeared. So Sri Gaura-Ganoddesa Dipika explains who in the pastimes of Lord Chaitanya – who they were in Krishna Lila. It is interesting we get a lot of background information there about the Panca Tattva. That is not all…. also a few interesting points are made by Kavi Karnapura he says that the first person who actually decided that the Panca Tattva was a unit was Srila Damodara goswami – the secretary of Lord Chaitanya who was very very learned and he pointed out that previously Krishna appeared with these Panca Tattva’s – with these five truth and now the same Krishna appeared as Gauranga again! (03/2009-Leicester,UK)

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