It’s not that when we enjoy in devotional service that that is wrong- no, it is like that. As soon as you start to do everything nicely…when I first moved into the Amsterdam temple many years ago (I had been for some time in the Vrndavana temple then I moved to Amsterdam) and then they gave me a lunch program to look after and they asked me, ‘please clean up the room, you have 10 minutes!’ So I thought I’d sweep the dust under the carpet because it was quick! But then I thought, no, Krsna can look under the carpet also! So you cant really sweep it under the carpet because Krsna will catch you, now you have to really sweep it up. So I changed my old ways in doing a show for the world to make an impression, and trying to deliver the real goods. And slowly this transformation took place, that in dealing with Krsna; we gradually have to start delivering the real goods and not just a show to impress others. And that brings out the quality of our life so much. In that way we become totally changed. So this is how we must offer Krsna the very best and then as we begin to offer Krsna the very best, then we start to feel better and better. We try to do something very, very nice and we know that Krsna is enjoying it, that is the greatest enjoyment! That is Krsna consciousness.
(HH KKS, Dbn RY, SA, ’09)

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