HH KKS: We are looking at Krishna Svayam Bhagavan – He is the Original Supreme Personality of Godhead in His own form but Krishna it is said He is always in His transcendental activities with His devotees in the spiritual world and Krishna expands Himself. In these expansions Krishna deals with certain affairs in the material world – Lord Chaitanya appeared as Bhakta rupam – in the form of His devotee.
Lord Nityananda is none other than Balarama or He is also Krishna but is in the mood of the servant of Krishna. He is Krishna but this time as Sevak Bhagavan – Krishna as Lord Chaitanya is the Lord who is served. However Nityananda is the servant thus Nityananda is known as Adi-Guru – the Original Guru because He teaches how to serve , that is Guru. Guru is teaching how to serve Krishna that is the business of Lord Nityananda.
Then the Lord expands Himself further from Balaram into the various Vishnu avatars because in these Visnu avatars the Lord gets involved in this material energy. He gets involved in the process of creating the material worlds. We know that Maha Visnu is lying on the causal ocean and that from the pore holes of the body of Maha Visnu the various universes appear. Thus Maha Visnu is directly involved with the material energy. Then MahaVisnu expands Himself again and this MahaVisnu is entering the universes as Garbhodakasayi Visnu in each universe and from His navel comes the lotus flower of Lord Bramha , and Garbhodakasayi Visnu expands Himself further into (sanskrit) Visnu who enters into the heart of every living being as parmatma who enters into every atom and soul.
In this way we see through His expansions Krishna is dealing with the material nature or the living beings who are conditioned. He Himself is simply absorbed in pastimes and exchanges of rasa with His devotees but as soon as one turns to Krishna then He can personally deal with anyone. So Advaita acharya is on the very right our left – elderly with a beard He is is Bhakta Avatar – He is the Visnu expansion. He is none other than Maha visnu or Sadasiva.(03/2009-Leicester,UK)

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