HH JAS: Just as a sober person doesn’t go chasing after mirages and go running away from illusionary tigers, so a sober person doesn’t become agitated by sex life and try to satisfy these desires one after another after another. Tolerates, so even in the Brahmacharya Ashram and also in the Grhasthas Ashram one has to tolerate that. If one expands the mental concoctions in the Householder Life one becomes a Grhamedhi, then he becomes like the materialistic person trying to satisfy so many desires. So many desires, so many desires and becoming disappointed and in the process losing ones Krishna Consciousness. So one has to learn this art of toleration either in the Brahmacharya Ashram or in the Grhastha Ashram. Therefore Brahmacharya training is there, the Brahmacharya learns how to tolerate so that he becomes a self controlled Grhastha and as a self controlled Grhastha he tolerates so many desires that may arise or as Srila Prabhupada points out here, engages himself in the service in such a way that these desires practically evaporate….they are products of the illusionary energy. So the more one engages himself in the service of Krishna the more these things come under control or they are swept away by the superior force of the spiritual energy: Spiritual pleasure. . EXCERPTS FROM: HOPES AND HORRORS OF HOUSEHOLDER LIFE

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