One time Prabhupada came down the staircase and when he was at the bottom of the staircase, (I heard this from Trivikrama Maharaja, personally), he made a little pirouette and he said, “My spiritual master made me a diamond!” and he was beaming! Beaming with effulgence! A transparent via media of simply, the mercy of the Lord. So, when oh when, will that come, when we will stop being misers and thinking, ‘oh my comfort, oh my mind, oh my feelings, oh my desires, oh I cant do like this, I need something badly for myself…’ when oh when, will that day come, that we will give and use everything we have, all the talents Krsna gave us, to give Krsna consciousness? And the more we give away Krsna consciousness, the more Krsna will empower us, the more powers we will find and the more ability we will have to conquer the material energy. And without a doubt, we will be successful. Prabhupada was so bold. He told Mukunda in Chicago, where the airport is named “O’Hare airport”, Prabhupada said, “go to the director of this airport and tell him to call it ‘o Hare Krsna airport’!” Mukunda said, “ha, ha, ha. Good joke.” But it was not a joke. Mukunda didn’t do it. I don’t think any of us would either. But what if he would have managed? Prabhupada was that bold. So we also must become more bold. This is what is required although our thinking, feeling and willing is not like that…

(HH KKS, Melbourne)

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