HH KKS: Srivas pandit is also a member of the Panca Tattva. He is on the altar – he is a living being. He is jiva. In most places of worship God is on the altar and the jivas on the ground. But here we see the jiva is also included because the living being is an eternal part and parcel of the Lord. Like a spark, a drop of the ocean. The living being can never be God but he is a part and parcel of God. Srivas Pandit is such a personality. Srivas Pandit is the eternal part and parcel of the Lord. Like we are but Srivas pandit he is transparent to the will of the Lord. He has no personal agenda. We do, we have so many things we want, we desire, we want to achieve. Thus there is Krishna’s interests and our own interests – the two are separated. Srivas thakur has only one interest to satisfy Krishna, nothing else. Just like Prahlad and other great devotees: No other desire than to please the Supreme Lord.(03/2009-Leicester,UK)

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