HH KKS: How is it possible that Srivasa is such a personality. In the Sri Gaura-ganoddesa Dipika, remember the guide to who is who in Chaitanya Lila, we can read that Srivas Thakur is none other than Narada muni. Now that explains: Because Narada muni ,of course, is completely dedicated to the Supreme Lord. So Srivas is an expansion of Narada muni. Thus we see when the living being is becoming free from his own material desires; then he becomes completely included in the pastimes of the Supreme. He becomes completely involved in an intimate relationship with the Lord. That is what we see here in this Panca Tattva. This Panca Tattva that we are worshiping therefore is not a new invention. It is the same Panca Tattva that appeared with Krishna. Krishna appears with these same five Tattvas. We have the same expansions, We have Svayam Bhagvan as Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu , we have His immediate, Balarama , then we have the Visnu expansions represented by Advaita Acharya.

We have His shaktis represented by Gadhadhar , and we have the living being represented by Narada muni. In this way we have everyone. The very same categories which appear with Krishna. It is important to understand that this worship of Panca Tattva is not just some new thing. ( Maharaja speaks Jokingly): alright we start now with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and for some reason He appeared with Panca-Tattva. Why we don’t know but they are nice. And we have very big deities in Mayapur as well and that’s quite far out and had a great abhishek and just now we did it again…. No ….there is a little more to it than that. These are the five features in which the Supreme Lord appears, and for a reason.. (03/2009-Leicester,UK)

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