Transcribed by Nama-rupa dd

HH KKS: Prasadam: It was certainly the first reason why I walked into the door, somehow or other that food, it was good, so I found the local restaurant and I came there and then I found out that you could also get it for free, so why pay? (audience laughter) so I went for the free version, and it was good, there was no limit, get as much as you want, every Sunday 15 preps, 15 preps it was, it was big time: so it was nice! Lord Chaitanya’s movement!

And there was something about it, each preparation was special, there was no ordinary prep, everything was special, everything was made with attention, nothing was slapped together, quick, instant: put it in the microwave and…Ping!!! Here’s your hot meal! (audience laughter) It wasn’t anything like that: the meal was dancing on the tongue, it was pleasure at each bite, it was just wonderful and it was just…is there more?! And there was more also!
Immediately one could taste the devotion, one could taste this is not ordinary. Yes, it had been offered to Krishna and thus it’s spiritual and definitely there was something about it.
Prasadam is not ordinary. I went for it! I became an addict. I had to have it again and again!..(03-14-09- Stockholm)

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