The recording has all the potencies of the speaker. In the Bhagavatam itself, there’s a description how Vyasadeva was going into the forest and calling out the name of Sukadeva but Sukadeva never came. So then it is described- not in the Bhagavatam itself but in Puranas- that actually what happened was that in order to get Sukadeva to come back, after he had left, Vyasadeva arranged that verses were recited. Some verses were recited- the verses of Bhagavatam- and these verses were echoing off the trees and the echo also counted as chanting. So recording is nothing but an echo- it’s an echo of a real sound. So echo is also bona fide, so recordings are bona fide. Sometimes people have an objective that recordings are not bona fide, but they are bona fide. So in that sense, also equally transcendental.
(HH KKS, April ’08, Amsterdam)

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