Transcribed by Nama-rupa dd

HH KKS: I’ll give a few examples of envy: One is the story of a genie. A spirit from a bottle who could fulfill desires and this one man met such a spirit in a bottle and yes the spirit was ready(genie): “Master, whatever you desire you can have but there is one thing, whatever you get your neighbor will get double”
(Man): ”That’s alright, that’s ok, that’s no problem, that’s fine he can have, that’s ok. You give me a great palace…great wealth and everything”
Whuuuup…(genie): “done” But next door there was a palace…it was twice as high…it was just, it was blocking the view, it was kind of disturbing, what to speak, so after some time it was getting too much! In the beginning it was nice but after some time that palace of the neighbor was getting a bit of a disturbance. So the man called the genie. (Genie): “Yes master” (Man): “Please make my palace four stories high”…
Whuuuup…(Genie): “Done” The neighbours palace was eight stories high and it was blocking the sun! It became more and more disturbing to a point where our friend became overwhelmed by depression and he thought about it for a long time then one day he had the idea he called for the genie and said “I want you that you take one of my eyes!”……….(pause)I told you it was an envious story…(sanskrit)…Yes, so envy is like that. Srila Prabupada explains that envy means that one,an envious person, becomes unhappy when he sees others happy and he becomes happy when he sees others suffering...(03-14-09- Stockholm)

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