Transcribed by Nama-rupa dd

HH KKS: Prabhupada used to say that this movement is the true United Nations, he liked to talk about the united nations. He used to say: They say United Nations but every year there are more flags, so how are they United Nations when every year there are more flags? He said here are the true United Nations, and I think in this Temple it’s true because if we look at all the nationalities, Ok, lets hear a few nationalities: I see Swedish, I see American, I see Indian, that I also see(audience laughter). I look into my watch and I use it as a mirror,I see Dutch. I see:(audience members call out loud their nationalities)Welsh, Nepali, Romanian, Swiss, Chekh, England, Lapland, Armenian, Bolivian, Brazilian,Finnish,South African,West Indian,Italian: It’s even more than I thought (laughter) I knew there were a few nationalities…still more? Lithuania,Latvia,German. So we are the proof here! We are the United Nations!.(03-14-09- Stockholm)

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