HH KKS: I was in South Africa, and we had a circle in the middle of the kirtan, and you know how it is in the circle, the devotees do the circle and then they take one step to the middle, and then one step in, one step out, one step in, one step out. Like sort of a dancing club. But in Africa what happened it was a little different, one person suddenly took a jump from one side of the circle to the other, went more than a meter in the air too, and the drummer they understood it they immediately sat down on there knees, then another one flying – and I was looking just like “Wow” – this is not from this world, that’s all I could say, this is no longer the material world! We have entered into the spiritual world! And thus this is the movement of Lord Chaitanya, miracles are possible. And again in South Africa, we were in a program and it was a good program, because Indryumna Maharaja was there he gave the talk, BB Govinda Maharaja had cooked the feast, he is a great cook, Sri Prahlad was leading the kirtan, and I was one of the dancers. And everyone was dancing, except one old lady, she was just sitting on the side, at one point one devotee went up to this lady and said would you like to dance? And she said “erm erm yes”
She came out and started to dance. At one point they hooked arm to arm , and went flying around in a circle , and at the end the lady said (Maharaja doing voice of an old lady) “I didn’t have so much fun for 40 years!!!”

So everything can be transcended in this movement. That is the nature of Lord Chaitanya’s movement. It just sweeps us up in enthusiam.


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