HH KKS: Once Srila Prabhupada said to one of his disciples, he said: “when are you going to finally surrender, I have been trying been trying to deliver you for 600 lifetimes”
Just think about that – how many lifetimes have we missed the boat. (talking to a twelve year old devotee) Yes a few years ago you were an old man, yes, yes, yes you were, and what happened, one thing is for sure you did not go back to Godhead! (laughter) You had to come back, and now you have another chance. Like that we can use it, yes you too you were also old not long ago. If you were born a few years ago, what does that mean, a few years ago you were old. You never thought of that, it is true. But this life now you get a chance to go back to Godhead, it is very good. So that is the mercy of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He came to spread the sankirtan movement, it is not only chanting of the holy name, but the congregational chanting of the holy names, together. Together we can create the strength.

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