(HH KKS 12/06/1999) In this world there are two types of people, those that are atheists and those who believe there is a God. So the atheists they are not very happy they are suffering. If we are just made of a bunch of chemicals then one day these chemicals are going to disintegrate…that’s not so nice is it?! So the atheistic view is not so nice So therefore when one has suffered in the atheistic conception of life then one may consider that there may be something after all and one has some idea about something but is doesn’t go much further,a little faith. so eventually ones vague concept may by sincere desire develop a little further until one meets the devotees. When one meets the devotees then one gets a better understanding what it’s all about and one begins to understand the process of devotional service. Then devotional service is very practical. Many people who believe in God say that he’s in heaven or he is somewhere in that other world, it doesn’t matter in what culture, they always describe Him as being invisible and in some other world…and it seems that Yoga, Meditation or Religion in general is meant to cover that distance into that other world…and only if you success in that can you get an experience of Krishna. But Bhaktiyoga is different. Bhaktiyoga can be done right here. It is a Yoga which is very practical. In Bhaktiyoga one doesn’t need to try to see Krishna somewhere far away because He is here right now! We may see Him or we may not see Him…but we can serve Him here right now with whatever is here…and when we start doing that we will see Him more and more and more, first indirectly present in everything and then gradually we’ll start perceiving Him directly.

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