Transcribed by Nama-rupa dd


HH JAS: …That’s what a human being is or a living entity is in this material world, a combination of matter and spirit. So a swan distinguishes between milk and water, so a self realized person distinguishes, he knows here’s two things: the spirit soul and the body and the spirit soul is constitutionally very nice, the servant of Krishna. Consciousness, that’s eternal and the bodies not very nice, so therefore the self realized person values the spirit soul. He values everything, he knows everything is Krishna’s energy. This body also is meant for the service of Krishna, it’s meant for the pleasure of Krishna therefore a Krishna Conscious person, Prabhupada said, he sees a nice woman and thinks this person could be engaged in the service of Krishna and a materialist thinks this person could be engaged in my service.
Everything has value, even the body has value when it’s engaged in the service of Krishna, we have to see that, we’re taking care of the body, keeping body and soul together for the service of Krishna. So a devotee will see it that way, that this lady could be engaged for the service of Krishna. The materialistic Gṛhamedhi sees here is a wife who can cook for me who can satisfy my senses. The business for both man and woman is to be engaged in the service of this deity Krishna…so their attention becomes diverted from the material platform to the spiritual engagement so householder life becomes nice.

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