Just by looking at the pictures of Prabhupada, we can see that extraordinary love emanating. One can get it from the books, one can get it from the lectures, one can get it from the videos, one can get it from the Prabupada Memories, one can get it from the Prabhupada Nectar, one can get it from anywhere where one can get it because we should get whatever we can- everything that’s available of Srila Prabhupada- you should have it! Not only am I carrying all Prabhupada’s lectures, I’m carrying 20000 pictures of Srila Prabhupada as well and I’m carrying all his videos and I got all his biographies in my computer and the one’s that aren’t available on digital, I took photographs and I put them in my hard drive along with some other books. Of course we must have it, we must. We cannot miss out one drop, no way…
(HH KKS, Germany, 2006)

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