Prabhupada did not just travel around the world to preach, but Prabhupada also did also everything he could to support people in their spiritual life and to train people in their spiritual life and to make it possible, and therefore now it’s so easy. Here we are, like you know, in our devotional attire, look at me, you know. I’m doing pretty good in the world. I’ve got like, a whole bouquet of roses around my neck and what else I do not get, so many things. And it’s an easy life in a way, everything is ready, and all I have to do is either look on the Internet at, or buy from any Hare Krsna temple a ‘Back To Godhead’ magazine, which gives a full address list. and boom, there it is! – ‘Your nearest Hare Krsna temple in the world.’ It’s pretty easy. You know,…and sure enough, there it is- prasadam! Or that nice vegetarian food, you know, that famous Hare Krsna kitchen, that kitchen- religion and all that sort of mmm…All that, so easily available from the Internet. Like, that you know…ADSL and right there- you got it, wherever you are!
(HH KKS, Cape Town, SA, ’05)

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