So the reciprocation comes; one becomes the instrument of the Lord. Because meditation is not just focusing on the Supreme Lord, it is also the Supreme Lord reciprocating with us and it is also how He chooses to act. But He particularly chooses those who have made a commitment. Therefore meditation on the Supreme Lord is always accompanied by a commitment. If we make a commitment in service to the Supreme Lord, that we are committing, ‘yes I am Your servant,’ and that commitment can increase. ‘As Your servant I will sacrifice my attachments. Although I have them I will give them up. I’ll make that commitment. I’ll make a commitment to be a good saddhaka, to really get serious about sadhana. I’ll make a commitment to take responsibility for Srila Prabhupada’s mission. His desire for spreading Krsna consciousness is so strong…’ In this way, commitment exists also, on many levels. But as we are committing in devotional service and taking up a service, then immediately the meditation gets depth and immediately the reciprocation is beginning to happen…
(HH KKS, 9 May 2009, Germany)

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