HH KKS: We hear such kind of descriptions, after that Krishna went to Akura, the house of Akura and in this way we hear these desciptions in the Krishna book, which are very transcendental about the diect activities of Krishna and this is very nice. This kind of meditation is beyond the trouble and strife. It is very nice if we spend time with this.
In our miovement often times, when we meet other devotees, we speak about ISKCON, the topic of discussion is ISKCON, you meet someone you haven’t seen for a long time: “What’s going on in ISKCON”: The big world of ISKCON, what should be going on in ISKCON, what should not be going on in ISKCON, what could be going on in ISKCON, what we would like to be going on in ISKCON and things like that. And so many times amongst Vaishnavas we discuss this topic and certainly it’s not that it is not transcendental, it is transcendental but it is not always soothing to the heart, if we speak directly it is sometimes agitating to the heart! and to the head also, sometimes it gives us a headache!
But if we hear directly about Krishna, actually that is very soothing.

Nectar of Devotion class 05/2002

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