The mercy is spreading everywhere during Ratha Yatra-it hits people by surprise so to speak! They don’t know what is coming…that is Ratha Yatra! Ratha Yatra is not from this world, Ratha Yatra is not relating to this world in a sense because in this world we have become caught up in so many activities- in so many degrading activities- but Ratha Yatra is completely taking place on another level. The chariot is driving in right from the spiritual world- bringing in the spiritual world, really. It is said that the temple of Krsna is non different from Vrndavana, non different from the spiritual world. And Ratha Yatra is a moving temple, basically. If people don’t come to the temple, then let the temple come to them. The amount of mercy that is being distributed at Ratha Yatra is just inconceivable! It’s mercy in all directions- literally, right! (HH KKS, 11 April 2009, Dbn RY)

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