Transcribed by Nama-rupa dd

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the Supreme Lord appeared in this particular age, this Yuga, this age of Kali. Sometime ago I was reading in the library on my computer, I carry this huge library on a computer it’s inconceivable how much is on there, I have no idea what I have on there but it’s there, so I was looking around and I was reading Zororastrian literature ancient scripture from Persia. And as I was reading for a while I came to a point where it…started to describe that there was a tree, it described a tree and it said this tree had four roots a Golden Root, a Silver Root, a Copper Root, and a Iron Root and these four roots were representing the four times…as I read it I thought this is strikingly familiar. It reminds me of the Vedic description of four periods of time known as Yugas a Golden one, a Silver one, a Copper one and an Iron one and I read on and it described the Golden root representing a Golden age of harmony and peace, a wonderful age and then gradually coming down to Silver to Copper and to Iron: an age of materialism.

It is described that in the land of Persia there was a class of men they were wearing a thread around their waist, a thread around their waist? Again I was thinking this is familiar, in the Vedic culture we also have men who wear a thread around their waist and I was thinking where have I encountered this before? And then it said that these men used to preoccupy themselves with an activity called Yasna…I go wait a minute Yasna? Yasna? In the Vedic literature called Yagya, sacrifice. Brahmanas with a thread were performing Yagyas, that’s a spelling mistake Yasna. I mean that is pretty easy to catch, you know you don’t have to be a great proof reader to catch that one. I thought straight away, so, thus I saw the parallel between Vedic culture and the culture of Persia.
Then it went on, it said but then a foreign invader would come into this land and it would suppress the original culture of Persia and these men with the thread and the Yasna, would go underground and hide in the mountains and secretly continue their activities. It is said until the end of times and at the end of times a prince would come on a white horse and he would drive out these foreign invaders…what’s the name of the prince? Kalki! We find the same in the Vedic literatures: that at the end of times at the end of Kali Yuga and incarnation will come. Kalki, who will drive out all the demonic forces from the world. so it was really interesting to read that you know. I just saw this was a cross cultural display of knowledge that exists in the Vedas and the same knowledge found in the ancient books in Persia and I could see…yes…yes…there are different ages, different ages: a Golden one, a Silver one, a Copper one and an Iron one and presently we are in the Iron Age so what does it mean the Iron Age?

It means basically that in the Iron Age spirituality is down, no time, no interest, too busy, materialism is increasing and selfishness is also increasing: I and mine and lust and greed, tension and war and money…and all these things,corruption and pollution and destroy the planet and so on and insanity and a world that is just really going day by day (audience laughter) and everyone is getting more and more sick. If you just ask your neighbor what is wrong with them, this one has a hole in his heart, that one has a liver that has been soaked in too many substances (audience laughter) that one is going half blind, that one is deaf, that other one has a chronic cough,the third one is, whatever it is…everyone is having some affliction from negative Karma in this age and then I read about previous ages and it is described that in the Silver Age people were free from disease…come on? Yes, Yes…yes…there was no need for medicine, no health insurance,no, no hospitals…no…and even at later time Brahmanas that were knowledgeable would offer a little herb a little mantra: everything cured…simple…now in the age of Kali who has good Karma? I don’t know if you have any but I don’t have much, good Karma, difficult to find. Yes…so this is the age:An age of Materialism, an Iron Age!.(03-14-09- Stockholm)

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