Transcribed by Nama-rupa dd

HH KKS: I have already explained that Krishna , Vrajendra Nandana Krishna , He is never setting one foot outside Vrindavan and His pastimes with his devotees , that’s what he does. Full time. That is his full time business. He deals with devotees and in His expansions He starts to deal with the non devotees – that’s how it is. So therefore He need expansions. It’s not that Krishna sits there in the spiritual world behind a super computer and that he just goes like Control S and the sun rises in LC – in Leicester (laughter) , and Krishna quickly types cloud and there it comes , and He’s got a macro for drizzle and so on (laughter) . It is not that is the way Krishna is running the world. He doesn’t need to do it like that. That’s how we would be God. Just like typing all day. Sometimes when you sit behind your machine it just feels like that, isn’t it , yes , creating universe (laughter) , I’m making a statement now to the world on the internet , yes I’m am God – but God does not

need to bother with computers with bugs that come with it! if you know what I’m talking about. And spend hours just to try and figure it out. No , everything manifests by His desire , but He doesn’t bother , He doesn’t bother with the material energy , not directly. The world is being controlled by Him under His direction but not by pushing buttons. He has arranged it all and through His expansions he deals with it all. His expansions are involved in the supervision and arrangement of this material world. He Himself is playing His flute , He is the Vamsi vala. Yes. So that is Krishna. Krishna absorbed in His eternal pleasure..


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