(HH KKS 18/01/02) This transcendental knowledge is coming down in disciplic succession (sanskrit)so this knowledge is perfect knowledge because it comes directly from Krishna. It is clear that Lord Krishna knows ourselves than we do ourselves and that when it comes to satisfying ourselves that Lord Krishna knows better how to satisfy us than we ever may know! Even when we become free from the influence of illusory energy still then our happiness is totally dependent on the Supreme Lord.
Dhruva Maharaja undergone the greatest austerity, Dhruva Maharaja began to fast and then Dhruva Maharaja began to control his breathing and he started to check his breathing and he took days in between one breath and after that at one point Dhruva Maharaja began to stop breathing altogether. And it is said that at that point the whole universe suffocated, could not breathe due to his mystic power. So this was an acute crisis and therefore the Supreme Lord appeared on the spot to deal with the situation Himself because the whole choking of the universe is a serious matter which no one can deal with. So Krishna cares, Krishna is concerned. Then Krishna satisfied Dhruva Maharaja by elevating him to the spiritual plane and simultaneously satisfying all his desires. His desire was to have a kingdom greater than his father and grandfather…which basically his grandfather was Lord Brahma. So how can one have a kingdom greater than Lord Brahma who is the Lord of the universe?!
Simply, The Lord gave Dhruva Maharaja a spiritual planet to look after and in this way Dhruva Maharaja was in a greater position even then his grandfather. So this was beyond his expectation and this is actually the fruit of transcendental knowledge. So the fruit of transcendental knwowledge which is coming down in disciplic succesion will satisfy us beyond our expectations: This is the nature of Krishna!……….There should be no doubt that from Krishna consciousness comes all perfection.

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