HH KKS: In the Holy Name is also Krishna’s form and there is Krishna, His flute is not far away, sometimes the flute is not immediateley with Krishna because sometimes the Gopis have stolen it, but otherwise Krishna is always carrying His flute. So in that way once the Holy Name is there Krishna’s flute is not far so in that way we can also through the Holy Name can get more inspiration in Krishna Consciounsess.
In the ( one of the scripture..Madhava) there is the following statement: When Krishna was playing on the flute, Baladeva very anxiously decared, “Just see after hearing the transcendental sound of Krishna’s flute Indra, the king of heavan is crying in his heavanly kingdom and from his teardrops falling on the ground Vrndavana appears to have become a celestial residence for the demigods” Yes so when Indra’s teardrops are falling on the ground after what we have read in the (scripture) he cries from all the eyes that are
on his body…torrents of rain.

Nectar of Devotion class 05/2002

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