The Supreme Lord is not a machine; when you have a soft drink machine, you throw in your coins, you select your drink, you push the buttons and your drink is supposed to come. And if your drink is not coming then usually there is a complain number or somebody you can complain to and say, I put the money and my drink didn’t come! Because that’s the relationship with the machine; you put the right amount, you push the button and now it must happen. But praying is not a matter of putting an amount and pushing the button; Krsna is a person- He can do what He likes. We may pray and pray and pray until you get callous on your knees as thick as a brick, we may pray and pray until we have no voice left, we may cry tears in our prayers…and the Lord may not respond, because it’s up to Him. Then again we may not pray at all and Krsna may shower us with blessings. Because, Krsna is a person and it just depends on how we’ve touched Him. It’s not just a matter of composing beautiful prayers but what are you doing when you’re not praying- that also counts! That adds a lot to the prayer.
(HH KKS, Dbn RY ’09, South Africa)

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