Transcribed by Nama-rupa dd

Devotee speaks: When a man gives a lot of attention to a woman, listens to her, nods his head, in this way expressing very friendly emotions towards her, this is considered ‘he’s a nice man’ but actually from our point of view that’s exploitation. 

HH JAS: That’s exploitation, exploitation, the basic focal point of exploitation is sex enjoyment. The final pinnacle of exploitation is sexual intercourse: that’s exploitation, let me enjoy this woman…. and that the materialistic civilization, somehow or other by some arrangement by candy or liquor by this by that to win over a woman and make her an object of enjoyment,that’s the business and then this way that way or some other way so many things are expanded from that. But that’s the point, that this woman is meant for satisfying my senses and sense satisfaction culminates in sex life. So when you cut out that point, that sexual contact then your exploitation is practically not very much to be said about it…how much exploitation will there be?
From one point of view, we’re very heavy on women in Iskcon, we make them stand in the back during Arati or the Kirtan: horrors of life in Iskcon, “I had to stand in the back!” That same woman in the course of a year would be used by 50 men but that’s not

exploitation that’s just love!…that’s called Maya! One is being exploited and she’s thinking he loves me, the whole materialistic civilization is set up for that kind of cheating.
When they’re free they can be victimized, otherwise in Vedic civilization her father is there, her husband is there her grown son is there: no access. But materialistic civilization: free access. And the woman is so bewildered she’s thinking this is very nice, “I have free choice” “I have so much opportunity for enjoyment” “so many people are attracted to me” but nobody wants to accept any responsibility: When you’re pregnant they send you to the hospital for an abortion, clinic or when you’re a little old you’ve been married for 10 or 15 years or 5 years or something now you’re not as beautiful as you were when you were sweet sixteen…so we go and find some new cookie and throw you away…because your business was to satisfy my senses and now your not as interesting so we’ll find something else. That’s exploitation! Krishna Consciousness means to engage man and woman in the service of Krishna where’s the exploitation?
…Krishna Conscious person, a perfectly cultured person, so he knows how to be cultured how to be courteous how to be decent in dealings with others.


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