Ratha Yatra is like a diamond and a diamond has many aspects to it, many facades- it is cut like that, in different angles to kind of let the light come through. And therefore from whatever position you see it, you see the light coming through. That is Ratha Yatra! How can I choose one? When I’m here in Question and Answers I love it; when I’m listening to Govinda Maharaja I think, that’s the best; when I heard Indradyumna Maharaja speak I thought, he’s incredible; when Partha Sarathi Maharaja was here, he actually started me off on this appreciation, because he was saying, ‘it’s just too much when you bring all these wonderful devotees together and on every few meters, something very high and transcendental is happening, how can you deal with it all?’ It is a fact. When we had an extra long parade this year, I thought it was good and I think we should keep it like that and do it again! So I like all these things about Ratha Yatra…

(12 April 2009, Durban, SA)

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