HH KKS: It is stated in Bhagavatam, in the age of kali the duration of life is going down, it may just happen by some external force but certainly we are helping it a lot by spraying all kind of toxins on our food package. There was a green peace poster which said that within our daily food package there was a similar amount of chemicals as twenty aspirins! That was before genetic engineering started, before thay put scoropin genes in the tomatoes and before they put pig genes in the potato…you like French fries with tomato chutney! So the so called comforts of modern life where we live like kings is totally artificial.
I had also in India seen Makrana, is a hellish planet, which i think is somewhere between patalaloka and rasallaloka..somewhere where one is sent if commiting too many offences in the Dhama. …at least that is what happened to me I was sent to Makrana, which is in the desert of Rajasthan- very hellish place, to get marble from Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi. And in that place we saw that somehow or other we used to stay in the kings palace, it was an old palace, he was a friend of Iskcon’s and we used to stay in the king’s palace..but these days there were many palaces that were much bigger. In the old day there was the king’s palace and some cottages and they had been taking marble from that place for hundreds of years and they would take for some of the temples and for some places and that was it…but now everybody in India has marble for their bathroom! And now if you look at that town , the king’s palace has become small , there are many palaces lot bigger than that of the king and the whole town is just like a warzone with endless deep craters, grounds that have been blasted with dynamites, all this blasting going on. If one wants to see how the earth is being destroyed then i can really recomnend an excursion to Macrana!
Just see what our modern world of indulging and trying to build ourselves a little paradise here on planet earth -what it’s doing on other corners!

Simalachan 24/05/2005

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