(HH KKS 12/06/1999) So how can we serve Him here? By just using whatever we have for Krishna. I can use everything: computer, anything can be used for Krishna. So there is no need to move, no need to go live in the forest, or to go to the Himalayas to give up the world, stay in Stockholm in your little flat or whatever it is, keep your Volvo…it’s ok!
One can have all these things, home sweet home, sit behind your double glass and look at the winter, and so forth and enjoy, there is no problem: Just add Krishna to your life.
A few things have to go, you can still go to the supermarket, what a relief, you don’t have to stop going to the supermarket, there are only certain things you cannot put in your shopping cart, no fish! All these cans with fish, no they don’t go in! The meat section, don’t even go in there forget it! You wouldn’t want to…ugh…horrible! The beer, no…no beer in the cart, the fruit juices, yes…oh nice fruit juices, the fruits, put them in, the vegetables put them in, the nuts, the vegetarian cheeses and by the time you get to the cash register you have a shopping cart full just like everybody else, and it feels ok, you feel infact a little better, you will feel a lot better when you get the final bill because you will see you are a lot cheaper than the other people who have loaded up there carts with fish, meat and all other expensive items!
So there are a lot of arguments in favor of Bhaktiyoga: one can continue his regular life.
Just a few things have to go out, so no need to shave your head, no need to put on a pink dress…of course if you like pink you can put on pink,we are not against that!…But the point is we can live our own natural life and add Krishna Consciousness to it, so step by step we introduce Krishna in our life and in that way everything will come: So that’s what step by step means to us.

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