HH KKS: I used to go to sometimes to some mandir , where usually not many people visit , and the door is like creaking (Maharaja does sound effects) And some pandit jee is giving the lecture , and the audience is in deep trance in deep samadhi (Maharaja makes snoring sounds)(audience laugh) – Panditji is also sometimes going into deep samadhi as well! (laughter) I’m not criticising it but it is a little dry – everyone knows that. Without trying to disrespect anyone but everyone knows it is a little dry.
But then this sankirtan is totally different , it is the life of transcendental knowledge , it gives us taste , it gives us new life , it brings new life to spiritual life , that which we could practically no longer get ourselves , to do now it’s becoming fun , now it’s exciting , now it’s actually nice. In this way Lord Chaitanya has revolutionised spiritual life and brought the fresh and ecstatic taste of the spiritual world. Hey, spiritual life is lots of fun. Then who cares, let’s go Hare! let’s go Krishna! what else is there? And then let’s raise our arms and chant Hare Krishna.
This is the mercy of Lord Chaityana!

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