HH KKS: Narada also appears , when Krishna appears as Sri Chaitnaya –Narada also appears as Srivas. But Srivas did not know his previous identity….. but an arrangement of the Lord that was all forgotten. It is said that Srivas although he grew up in a pious enough family, as he became a young man that he had a period where he wasn’t so serious about his spiritual life which happens more often than not with young mean. What to do (Maharaja laughs , audiences laughs). So Srivas for a little while became sort of – well he was regularly seen at parties and other social occasions, and he was having a few here and a few there if you know what I mean! (laughter) Enjoying here and a little there. In fact it became so intense that Srivas was really going in the wrong direction. Then one day, a renowned astrologer was telling him that according to the lines in his hands he had only one more year to live and in that in the next year he would die , and he gave the dates and time! So it was a big shock because the astrologer was really very well known. Srivas that day got such a shock that he changed his life, and he became serious about spiritual life and he stopped this and that and whatever else was going on. Then when the day came , it was very suffocating and hot that day , he was inside the house and he could not get any air. So just for the moment he went to get a little fresh air , and as he was at the edge of the balcony he became overwhelmed by some dizziness and before he knew it he fell over the edge. Just as he was falling down in free fall approaching the ground just then – someone caught him. And then put him on the ground and walked away. He survived! So from that day on Srivas completely dedicated himself to spiritual life, and become a very serious devotee. He had a big change in his life. I think it’s interesting because Srivas is representing the jiva – the living entity and it was interesting that he had the little moment in his life – I guess as a role model that makes him a little more approachable. It shows he went through sort of what we are going through and he made that turn around. Just as we also are meant to turn around. Srivas came to his senses. He became a great extraordinary devotee, of course he always was and he was just temporary covered by some arrangement of the Lord. And his original Krishna consciousness again came to the surface – this is the nature of Krishna consciousness.


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