Transcribed by Nama-rupa dd


HH JAS: Lord Chaitanya said that even if I see the wooden form of a woman my mind gets agitated. By nature’s arrangement the form of woman is so made to agitate the mind of men. Beautiful or not beautiful doesn’t matter, the agitation is there, so a Krishna Consciousness person being situated on the spiritual platform he’s not attracted, he’s busy, just like you’re eating a big Sunday feast and somebody comes over with some left over dog biscuits, you’re not going to get all agitated about that because you have some better thing.
The more one becomes advanced in Krishna Consciousness the more this sex pleasure just seems ridiculous or nasty. The actual advancement Prabhupada said I can walk into a room of beautiful women and not be attracted, that’s the advanced stage of Krishna Consciousness. One is so much absorbed in the beauty of Krishna that the so called beauty of this material body appears nasty. After all what is it

some skin and bones, blood and guts all put together to appear as something nice…and if it does appear as something nice by natures arrangement for a brief time ….then it’s not nice to anybody.
There was recently some horrible picture of Bridget Bardoux published in her old age, some news magazine published, nobody is going to get agitated because now she is finished, old lady…so briefly by nature’s arrangement, Prabhupada quoted, by natures arrangement in her youth all women look beautiful, it’s nature’s arrangement, it lasts for some time and then it’s over.
The Krishna Conscious person know that: it’s beautiful today but it’s not going to be beautiful tomorrow,so how is it beautiful? Krishna beautiful today, He’s beautiful tomorrow, He’s beautiful 100,000 years from now, He’s Beautiful always.

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