(HH KKS 21/06/04) So the more we try in this world to express our devotion to the Supreme Lord the less obstructon we will find in due course of time. Although initially there may plenty of obstructions and sometimes even a great devotee is greatly obstructed in so many ways, we are always obstructed by something in this world, but eventually a devotee attains the spiritual world, where there is no obstruction to his expression of his devotion..unlimited, unlimited capacity and this is actually the point: it is this freedom that we are loking for, it is that freedom that is ther. The drive of freedom which is there in everyone. No one likes to be limited, no one likes to be restricted……..
The Supreme Lord is the reservoir of all pleasure, He is never limited and his devotees are being promoted to a platform also to be unlimited. So what happens is when a living entity is kind of withdrawing from the relationship with the Supreme Lord, he becomes limited.

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