(HH KKS 04/2005)
Let us say a few words about demons…. Demons are those personalities who are not accepting the authority of Krishna and who are always trying to misrepresent Krishna, Srila Prabhupada said in this purport. So obviously there are many many demons and Prabhupada was the first to call them fools and rascals. So it appears there was a condemning mood towards the demons … but the fact of the matter is this movement can turn demons in to devotees!
Therefore a vaishnava although he condemns demons, he at the same time is merciful also. Generally condemnation invokes a mood of hate but in the case of a vaishnava: he may condemn the demon but at the same time try to transform the demon.
Therefore we are not concerned, the majority of mankind is under the demoniac influence, but that we do not take that serious, this movement can very effectiveley change that. This is our hope and our aim, that that will be done very soon.

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