Devotee’s written question: Hare Krishna. I have a query
Prabhupada says: “To associate with the holy name and chant the holy name is to associate with the Personality of Godhead directly.”
However my limited mind says: surely chanting japa is inferior to actually e.g playing ball games or having fun directly with Krishna face to face.

Please help eradicate my misconception

(HH KKS (Japa Talks)) You wrote about how Prabhupada said that chanting the holy name was to associate with Krsna directly, but you didn’t really experience it like that.
This is what I think about it:
The wall of my false ego is thick and high, yet this chanting and devotional service in general is wearing down the stone. Here and there some holes or cracks have appeared in the surface of that wall and I am beginning to get glimpses of Krsna. This how I associate with Krsna now during my chanting. Sometimes in my wanderings I have come across an elevated desire tree and by climbing its branches for a short while I could look over the wall, before I had to return to the ground. But all these experiences have made my faith stronger and stronger that one day this wall of false ego will break down.

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