When we go before Krsna, when we pray to Krsna, who are we? What are we bringing Him? He knows, He knows very well…Sometimes I look at that painting; you may know the one that I’m talking about- Mother Yasoda is there and she has little baby Krsna on her lap, and He’s looking at you! You know that painting? He’s a baby but He’s looking like anything- very intensely looking at us! I mean that painting, wherever you’re in a room you can see Him looking at you! I know it you know, I know it very well! The interesting part is that when you travel around the world then from time to time you encounter the same painting because the copies are around. So sometimes I’m in a room and there’s that painting again! Like in Sydney, in the room they have it. And I know, Krsna’s watching every move I make! I know it very well, He sees right through me, He sees into my heart, He knows what I think, He knows where I’m at…He knows everything!
(HH KKS,15 July 2009, Pretoria, SA)

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