(HH KKS 13/06/1999)
when we are buying yogurt from a shop the cow is being purified the factory is being purified everything is being purified…the effect of this movement is amazing That’s not due to the devotees, that has nothing to do with the devotees. The devotees themselves they cannot claim any qualities rather all qualities in man comes from Krishna. So no one has any reason to feel really big and proud and important because nobody can claim proprietorship to his qualities. It’s kind of like we find some qualities in ourselves we never knew we had and then they can also go, they’re there and then they’re gone, we have nothing to do with it, you can’t control that, you can’t decide to become something your not…like I will never become a ballet dancer! For sure…I might go in the circus as the dancing elephant man! But I will not be successful in ballet! I just don’t have it, I know my limitations by now, so that’s it. We all know our limitations don’t we? And if we don’t time will teach us! So we cannot say that any qualities in us are our own qualities rather Krishna gives us the qualities so therefore the devotees cannot claim that they are the power by which this movement is influencing the world…the devotees are amazed themselves to see it happen, we go out and chant Hare Krishna…right? We do our song and our dance and we ourselves don’t know actually what the effect is, we have no idea, ok, we have heard that if you chant, it resolves Karma…so that all the people get rid of Karma, so that helps a lot, so if we go in the city and everybody points at their forehead or people walk by and they say ‘Go get a job!’…as if its not a job as if Hare Krishna’s don’t work…little do they know or someone comes up to you and says ‘Get married!’…as if many devotees are not married! What do they know about these things, but anyway they say these things in ignorance and we don’t care we just go on chanting Hare Krishna. Some people stuff their ears, they don’t want to hear, we only chant a little louder, some people they are looking as if they are not affected at all, they are not interested…but we notice that they can sense that something is going on here, but what is it, nobody knows…actually even we don’t know,but a little bit, we know that it has a transcendental effect but how much effect we don’t know.
Yesterday we did a little tour of Stockholm like that and we even made it on TV, but I don’t know what the effect of this chanting will be, we cannot see how much it changes the fate of Stockholm. I remember before I was a devotee I used to read all kinds of books and sometimes I used to read these books about some Yogis somewhere far in India and it was their mystic power that the world did not fall to pieces, some sort of story like that, that there are some wise men somewhere in the Himalayas and they meditate and by their arrangement the whole world stays together otherwise it would fall to pieces. Well I got news for you, it’s not in the Himalayas it’s happening here in Stockholm: This chanting of Hare Krishna is in itself so powerful that anyone who comes in touch with it becomes transformed: It is knows as Cintamani.


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