Chapter 13, Verse 1-2.
Arjuna said: O my dear Krsna, I wish to know about prakrti [nature], purusa [the enjoyer], and the field and the knower of the field, and of knowledge and the end of knowledge. The Blessed Lord then said: This body, O son of Kunti, is called the field, and one who knows this body is called the knower of the field.

Chapter 13, Verse 3.
O scion of Bharata, you should understand that I am also the knower in all bodies, and to understand this body and its owner is called knowledge. That is My opinion.

So here the body is compared to a field, the field of activities and Gita is speaking of the knower of the field and who is the knower of the field…..that is the question being asked. the question that is being asked, the answer that Krishna gives is that He says that I am also the knower of the field because the obvious answer is well…anybody would say well if the body is a field I am the knower of the field…I am in this body. Krishna says that Yes I am ALSO the knower of the field!

In short there are two knowers of the field. One is Krishna and the other one is ourselves. So this is explained that sometimes in this world you also have a field where you grow things and there are the two knowers of that field: One is the propietor of the field and the other one is the cultivator. So in relation to the body Krishna is the proprietor and we are the cultivator….That is Bhagavad Gita, well that is a huge adjustment in one’s mental state..if we say Kishna is the Proprieter and we are the cultivator it’s a whole different thing.

Imagine you were the proprietor of a field and someone is working in it for you, you don’t mind if he takes something from the field, he takes a few bags of grain…it’s ok…you won’t say anything. But when he starts taking truck loads then you know it gets serious! So this is how it is in this world: If Krishna is the proprietor of the field and we are the cultivator, it means that we may take what we need for our own maintenance but the rests belongs to Krishna….and thus actually everything in this world is owned by Krishna.

(HH KKS 15/02/2009)

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