(HH KKS 04/2005)
In Krishna conciousness if you celebrate Lord Nityananada’s Appearance Day, that’s a cause for celebration and if you celebrate the birthday of Mr X, somebody out there, what’s there to celebrate. He is a year older, is it really anything to celebrate..nothing auspicious or wondeful about it but when we celebrate the appearance day of the Supreme Lord it is actually auspicious, anyone who will be celebrating that, will be blessed, anyone who partakes in the festival is blessed, makes spiritual advancement so it really is a cause of celebration but material celebration is just empty therfore at one point intoxication is just taking over, because it is artificial, there is no real meaning.
So Krishna Consciousness is therfore becoming predominant, it will become predominant because it makes things meaningful, makes things really meaningful and once one has tasted that, very difficult to stop because nothing else is equally meaningful!
Yeah we can do the…one can go back to the family and just for a moment step into the old role, for a moment sit on the same sofa, in the same world as before but you can’t really partake in it any longer.

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