HH Kadamba Kanana Maharaja visited South Africa for a few days this past week (July 13-17). He was mainly here for a few meetings regarding the African preaching. Although it was his rest period after 4 consecutive retreats and other non-stop festivals in Europe and preparing for Amsterdam Ratha Yatra this weekend, he still gave his time to all the devotees and squeezed programs in between.
July 15: Wednesday evening program (Pretoria)

“Without our sacred space we cannot really maintain our spiritual life. If our spiritual life is only a matter of external practice, is only a matter of following a process- ‘strictly Prabhu’- if it is only a matter of that, of how strictly we are following a process- the 16 rounds, the 4 regulative principles, the temple program- then still there is something lacking. And what is lacking then, is our own sacred space. Our own sacred space should be made up of our commitment to Krsna, our commitment to purity, to appear pure before Krsna. That is where it begins. Then from that platform of being pure, no one can really see how pure we really are; that is between us and Krsna…”
And here is a short video clip of the kirtan after the class…simply ECSTATIC!!!
Cant view video? Click here
July 16: Program with Krsna Balarama Youth group (Randburg)
“If we make a sacrifice for others and come out of our comfort zone, then we find that actually a lot of our own dillemas are being overcomed in the process of that. And we find that possibly within that sacrifice we get the greatest purification, it automatically starts to happen…I think here in Gauteng, this should be the headquarters of that spirit of taking Krsna consciousness to others, the spirit of understanding, ‘yes we are struggling in our spiritual life, yes we need to work on it, we need purification, we need to ourselves be eager to get whatever mercy we can get’, and then the next stage we have to make a sacrifice and it is that which is of course on my mind- what can we do to go forward to take this movement to the people of South Africa…”
Download Evening Bhajana in Randburg that Maharaja lead that evening…NECTAR!!!

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