The sparrow had to make tremendous endeavour trying to get the eggs back saying I will drink the entire ocean. So that was an impossible determination. So the sparrow was really ready to take on that impossible task herself and getting to work. So the devotee really gets to work: “I’m going to like really purify this ,heart with an ocean of anarthas, and I’m going to purify it all” ….But then in the end Garuda came and helped the sparrow drink the ocean and so in the end we need the mercy of Lord Chaitanya. Just as we were reading in the morning, when the devotees were sweeping and cleaning the temple, somehow or other alone Lord Chaitanya collected more dirt than all of them together! So it is the same point. So ultimately it is Krishna who is removing the anarthas from the heart….not us who are like scrubbing our hearts and washing. We are trying to rectify and purify ourselves but then we depend on Krishna to actually take away these anarthas.

(HH KKS 11/04/03 Ramnaumi Festival)


  1. Very inspiring…and as Shalav said ray of hope…very true…we should put our endeavor in cleansing our mind and heart, one day by Gurus Mercy and Krishna Support we will be able to do that.

    Hare Krishna

  2. S h a l a v on

    Jai! This gives me a ray of hope, that if I remain determined to complete this seemingly impossible task to clean my heart of anarthas and at the same time depend on Krishna's mercy. I will emerge successful.

    This also strongly establishes the fact that if one wants to attain the ultimate goal of life, one must approach a self realized soul. only he can reveal the secrets of scriptures.