In those days we were thinking, ‘we’re going to take over the world, it’s going to take 18 days! maybe 18 months or 18 years- whatever. But soon it will be done. And as we take over the world there will just be more and more Hare Krsna temples, and the whole world will put on dhotis, saris, neck beads, tilak…and that’s how this movement will spread!’ That’s what we use to think! It didn’t entirely go like that- it did spread a lot- it spread like anything! But it didn’t exactly spread in that way. We thought it would spread in a very well-trimmed way, something like a nice trimmed English garden where everything is nice and formal. But this movement did’nt spread like that; it did spread but it spread more like the Brazilian jungle! So Krsna consciousness has now taken all kinds of shapes and forms…

(HH KKS, April 2009, Radhadesh)

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