(HH KKS 18/06/1999)
There was a group of people who approached Prabhupada and one man wrote a letter and asked Prabhupada to become the chairman of the International Society for Christ Consciousness…. and Prabhupada wrote a letter back and he said he was very honored that they had chosen him to become the chairman of the International Society for Christ Consciousness…and Prabhupad said yes I’ll be glad to accept that position but there is one condition and that is that the members of the society must follow the 4 regulative principles and chant the holy name of Christ…and if they do that I’ll accept to become the chairman of the society.
So Prabhupada was very broad minded, very very broad minded, considering that the name of Christ came from Christa, as he explained many times, which is non-different than the name from Krishna: therefore he had faith that if that name was chanted that ultimately the realization about Krishna would come and that one at one point would understand that there is no difference between Christ Consciousness and Krishna Consciousness. Not in the sense that just we worship Christ and everything is automatically revealed, no,but Prabhupad was ready to guide them and by this chanting of the name, yes, everything can come and in this way Prabhupada was ready to unite all different kinds of people together in one movement and he was able to work with people from all over the world!

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