I want to tell you a little bit about a small book that I’m just writing this summer, which will be finished soon. It’s a book called the “Visrama Mandir”. ‘Visrama’ literally means ‘rest’ and ‘mandir’ means ‘temple’- so a transcendental resting place or, as I would translate it more liberal- ‘a sacred space.’ And that everyone must have some sacred space- at least every civilized human being must have some sacred space. On our sacred space are our principles, in our sacred space is our morality, the things we dedicate ourselves to. In our sacred space are our ideals; in our sacred space is our commitment to these things. In our sacred space is the commitment to purity. In our sacred space is the commitment to higher goals for a devotee to Krsna, to Prabhupada, to guru, to the service of the vaisnavas- it is all part of our sacred space.
And lets make it nicer; let’s put some pictures on the wall. And what pictures will they be? Our favorite pictures! The one’s we love and nothing else! On our walls only the best, the very best- no less! In our sacred space- certainly- no compromise there! Our sacred space is for worshipping the Krsna that attracts us. And thus we gradually create and expand that sacred space. We collect jewels from the scripture- wonderful quotes, wonderful knowledge that inspires us- place it there, worship it there, remember it there…In this way we build ourselves a transcendental resting place…
(HH KKS, 16 July 2009)

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