(HH KKS 02/2003)
Unless we have taste we will never be able to resist maya…there is no question. One can not just on an intellectual understanding resist maya, maya will get us. It is not enough to be a philosopher and to just know really well that this material energy is simply here as an arrangement to test us and that we are actually controlled by maya who is seeing how much determined we are in the service of the Lord. One may know all that but when maya comes one will still fall down …..unless there is taste. One may not fall down immediately but with time one will fall down unless there is taste. There is a need for taste.
What is barring us from taste in spiritual life is impurity in the heart, if there is no taste in spiritual life it means we need more purification. We should be more eager for purification. We should be more appreciative of the purifying agents within the process and we should not take these things so much for granted, Holy Name, Srimad Bhagavatam…


  1. Sorry Prabhu, I didn't keep record which lecture that was from. Now in future i will make better effort to date lectures so that they can easily be allocated.

  2. bh. Michal on

    Hare Krsna.
    Could I know the source of this ecstatic transcript? (Which lesson, or conversation)
    Thank You