(HH KKS 12/06/1999)Maybe you have heard of the Kumbh Mela? The Kumbh Mela is the biggest gathering in the world! Bigger than the biggest football match is the Kumbh Mela which is a religious festival where at the peak at least 12 million people come in one spot! and they have camps…etc…so one can imagine it’s quite a group. 12 million people in just one area and they’re all going to take bath in the holy river. So at that time it’s a religious gathering and in the Kumbh Mela all the Yogis that are there they appear and one can see amazing things.
I have seen a Yogi with his head dug in the ground! He was not an ostrich! He was doing some sort of meditation like that…and he was indeed dug in with his head in the ground and we were timing it,1 minute, 2 minutes,3 minute…hmmm…maybe someone should dig him up! But after about half an hour the Yogi just pulled his head out and no problems! He was still in good condition. So such Yogis are there who can enter into trance and we may think that this is quite a feat. Lots of people would be interested in taking pictures of that: to send home to mum! very interesting…So how did he do it? Very simple, he was bringing the in going air and out going air into a balance called Kumbhaka and if you can bring your in going air and out going air into Kumbhaka you can enter into a trance and stop breathing it’s not as hard as you think it is. Yogis can easily do it. There are stories of Yogis who have voluntarily been dug under the ground and stayed there for a few weeks. I interviewed one such Yogi and asked him what he thought about it: Why are you doing this sir? Why are you letting yourself be put under the ground for three weeks? It’s a great feat, you come out alive but why are you doing this?!
He said, “This material world is all illusion and is very dangerous, one can very quickly fall prey to all kinds of forms and think that they can be enjoyed but that is not possible…therefore I better stay safe and I stay in this box dug under the ground.” So the Yogi was not a fool!!! because he understood something. He understood that in this world there are many many forms that are enticing us. It looks really good, it looks great…but is it so great?!

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