We may take what we need for our own maintenance, but the rest belongs to Krishna and thus actually everything in this world is owned by Krishna…and therefore should be used for His purposes….of course, we should take care of ourselves, keep ourselves fit and in good condition so that we can function but then beyond it everything goes to Krishna……..That’s not What Modern is all about!
In modern times things have changed a lot, in traditional times there used to be kings, they lived in palaces and ordinary people lived in small cottages…it was simple, but as times developed we got a modern society and in modern societies everybody can be kings and queens…everyone! That is a wonderful thing. Yes any person can have a palace oh yes….and you want a coach in front of the door..yesyes “how many horse power does your coach have!” Everyone is driving around in fancy cars, everyone has a palace and “what are you having for breakfast this morning your majesty?!…do you want some mango juice imported from Africa? or would you rather some fruits flown in from South America? Would you prefer some (kinka brui) from Sweden? or would you rather have cheese straight from South Africa? what would you,like?!”
“Is that all you have?!”
“No we have fresh, fresh orange juice and we have fresh biological dynamic milk straight from the cow”…yes these things also, we get that everyday…”Do you have anything special?” “Well to tell you the truth we have some mangos flown in straight from Mumbai”
………….Ok in this way we are living in royal opulence; cupboards full of clothes, fridges full of food, we throw out all the extras that we don’t need.
In the mid eighties, I was staying in this temple and sometimes in the cool room there used to be big, big bins full of halwa left over, no one would touch them..you know because cold halwa, no one in Melbourne eats cold halwa, we eat only hot halwa!…yes so we are living in this modern world, so many things we have and we are accustomed to it and … everyone is living as a king……….So in modern times we have forgotten what simplicity is all about.

(HH KKS 15/02/2009)

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