When the Lord comes into this material world He is never an ordinary man (sanskrit) the mudhas or the less intelligent think that the Lord is taking the form of an ordinary human being. Devotees understand that Krishna is always transcendental . Krishna is always Krishna. The reason why He appears is that He is very merciful because He is very kind …. We can read more about the merciful nature of Krishna. It is very important to understand Krishna’s quality of being merciful because that is the quality that will purchase us.
We can read in the Caitanya Caritamrita that there is a discussion between Shankar Pandit and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Shankar Pandit said , “My dear Lord You have purchased us” and Lord Chaitanya said “ no no no …you have purchased Me” So the devotee purchases the Lord and the Lord becomes controlled by the devotee, by the service of the devotee. By the service of the devotee the Lord becomes touched in his heart and then He becomes moved and therefore He becomes inclined towards that devotee.

It is described like that, on one occasion Draupadi was being disrobed in the assembly of the Kauravas. Somehow or other some man was trying to pull off her sari and she didn’t know what to do …so the only option was to pray to Krishna. Krishna provided unlimited saris and although they were pulling off the sari the whole floor, whole room was filled up with sari…an ocean of cloth! So it is said that at that time she threw her hands in the air and she called out “ Hey Govinda!” she took full shelter of Govinda and it is said that Krishna then later mentioned that “Whenever I remember how Draupadi was praying to Me and at that time how she was fully remembering Me …Then my heart melts. My heart melts in appreciation and just by remembering this My heart melts and my appreciation grows…it becomes bigger and bigger.”
So this is very significant and I am remembering this pastime again and again because,… it gives me great faith and encouragement in Krishna, that He is so kind that whatever service we do He remembers it and His appreciation for it grows! So each time He is thinking: “How nice that he did this service for me , that was really very very nice.” And He is thinking: “ Wonderful that they did this service for me , so wonderful , I am so moved”
In this way Krishna is actually increasing His appreciation of our service. so that is the nature of Krishna ‘s mercy….that His appreciation for us is always growing for any service we do!

(HH KKS 31/08/2002)

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