Miracles do happen. The real miracle is the mercy of Krishna. That is the real miracle and that miracle of the mercy of Krishna is what is so powerful that it will transform us. It will transform us. It will transform us. And that miracle is taking place. The mercy of Krishna is everywhere. The whole universe is filled with the mercy of Krishna, he unlimitedly distributed His mercy everywhere, and still- there is special mercy to get. Not only the general mercy, that is available equally to all. Krishna has left nice Deity forms all over the universe, Krishna has left the sastra all over the universe- it has been translated- these books can be read by all of us, and by somany outside this space. So the mercy is available equally to all of us. There is no doubt. But, than there is the other mercy, that individual mercy.

That special individual mercy arrangement that Krishna will make for you, if you are able to attract it by your eagerness to serve Him, by your enthusiasm in service. So we must show this enthusiasm, this seriousness somehow or other-we must do it. We must otherwise we are wasting this lifetime. And it won’t get better! Already … maybe in the past babies were being fed on breast milk, but as things are going on less and less, and it becomes artificial stuff with meat products inside. And in the future we will grow up taking meat from the very moment of birth.

So it will only be more difficult to overcome conditioning, because the conditioning will become worse. What if cannibalism takes off in the future in Kali-yuga and you become the son of the cannibal? And you have grown up nicely eating your neighbors and other people in the neighborhood or from other parts of town, raiding the place… living off cannibalism. Well, then it is hard when you join the devotees- then you have to control that too! Every time you see a tasty devotee walking in… and it is obvious that devotees may become tasty because they are taking all this nice prasadam, so some of them become nice, fatty and effulgent from all this prasadam, so it looks really much tastier than some ordinary karmi. Right?

Then again, your sense control will only become more difficult. Then you cannot even look at the devotee and get hungry. So you will have to overcome that desire as well.

So it won’t be easier in the next birth. It will never be easier then this birth. This is the best birth you have! So let us take advantage now and do something to attract the mercy of Krishna.

And if we do something to attract the mercy of Krishna, then a miracle will also take place for us… so do not just sit around on the nice soft cushion in a nice templeroom in a nice temple enjoying your spiritual life.

We must do something to attract the mercy of Krishna! And if we do that miracle will happen. .. it is not possible by your own endeavors’, but by attracting the mercy it is possible. So we sould make endeavor to attract the mercy.

So we cannot just make it easy in this movement, and take it easy in this movement. We got to do what is difficult. We got to make the sacrifice. We got to do for Krishna what is difficult. And if we do that- then Krishna is seeing- oh, look, he is trying. And then He gives a little mercy and then- Hej- you feel it! It starts happening, after all these years when I felt so stale in my spiritual life, now I begin to feel something is happening. I get a little mercy. Then you go more, you try more and more, and more.

Parts of the lecture given by HH Kadamba Kanana Swami on 28.May 1997. SB 10.6.32

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