Previously in Vedic times people would keep a cow and they would milk the cow in the mornings, quite nice..early morning milk your own cow…fresh milk; that is the way to live actually. If you think about it, it’s a lot better then walk to a fridge and you know warm it up in the microwave and what not… “PING!” breakfast! That is modern times. “Oh can i cook something for you?” “Well ok yeah sure” and they go into the kitchen (Maharaja makes noise of loud microwave) “Cooking finished!” Modern times! What world are we living in? We’re living in a world where we have forgotten who is the proprietor, where we have forgotten the purpose of the world, we have forgotten that everything is actually meant for Krishna. And the result is, the result is that in the name of progrss we have less and less.
In traditional India, matajess, the ladies would wear gold bangles…nowadays plastic! Nowadays, some are probably real gold, but so many are just plastic, everything plastic. Previously in the winter: wool sweater from Australia, real wool..Auzzie wool..right?
Nowadays who touches wool…now fleece right? Fleece, you can’t wear wool, it’s fleece right..improved quality? What is it? It is just plastic actually! Plastic clothes, Plastic food, Plastic surgery, Plastic nose!!
Plastic teeth, Plastic heart …yes and that’s alright …”We live in the plastic world.” The plastic garbage island in front of New york, it’s growing a kilometre every year, getting bigger and bigger. Yes in the future we can live there, Plastic country, Yes really nice! So this is the nature of modern times. Everything so artificial.

(HH KKS 15/02/2009)

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